^^ was maybe a song? (Oh gosh, I googled it…it’s a song from High School Musical. That’s embarrassing.)

Well today is the start of my new something. Tuesday I was offered a position at AE in Cleveland…and the ball started rolling. Tuesday-Thursday I’ve been looking at cars and apartments. Tomorrow I’m going to buy a 2012 Mazda 3 i Grand Touring…complete with heated leather seats, sun roof, built in GPS, and basically everything a girl could want! The best part…is that I’m buying it 100% on my own. I feel a sense of satisfaction. Sunday is Easter so no work there but Monday I’m going up to Cleveland to look at this apartment building (on Lake Erie! The lake and Cleveland skyline is the view from the back-side windows) and put down the deposit. Hopefully I’ll be in there by Wednesday. I start work Thursday.

Phew. What a tumultuous 9 days it will have been.

It reminds me of the start of a different, but equally great adventure….Sitting in Cleveland Hopkins Airport (apparently doing maths and writing about showing the cab driver something…) about to leave for Philly and then England…I wanted to bust open my new journal and start writing but realized I hadn’t packed pens/pencils in my hand luggage. What an idiot! I had a highliter, but that doesn’t count. So I’m scrounging around in my rucksack (from primary school…yes, I still kept it) and found this un-capped black pen and a broken off blue coloured pencil. Ummm…okay.

A Miracle! The black pen actually worked…which is bizarre because it had literally been in that rucksack since the 7th grade…it was a bit sketchy and you had to press really hard…but it worked and the evidence is on the first few pages of my travel journal.

And now I’m going to get all philosophical and tie this together for my own peace of mind, really.

Life is changing, again. Scary! But like every time major change comes, you adjust. I’m not going to have a lot for the first few months. In fact, I’m just going to make ends meet between sky-high rent and car payments…but happiness (and an apartment with a view of the lake and wireless) is worth it. God meets daily needs, daily. You make due. You use the crusty dodgy black pen.

Keep calm and carry on.