I’m late! I’m late for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

Not finding myself with a lot of time. And faced with the behemoth of a realization that I’m probs not going to get a lot of time in the near future.

I’m like the white rabbit.

But in all this chaos something amazing has come to me.

I now work 9-5 (vs 8:30-5:30) at a place only 35 mins away (vs 1.5 hours). The drive is whatever. I will soon live within walking distance. What amazes me to no end is the fact that I used to get up at 6:30 and leave my house at 7am just to make it to work by 8:30 IN THE DARK. And then I’d work til 5:30 and not get home until 7. IN THE DARK.

But now I leave my house at 8:35 IN THE LIGHT. And then leave work at 5, IN THE LIGHT.

I don’t think anyone understands how much I love the daylight. And I’m so happy to see it again.

What a blessing in disguise.

Happy Wednesday.


P.S. Can I just say…I googled pictures of the white rabbit to use for this post…and…I’ve only ever seen the Disney one but I knew there were other versions out there…wow…I am ruined for life. SCARY versions of the white rabbit! Demonic. Not cute like the Disney one.