I wasn’t going to write nonsense tonight just because it’s kind of late, it’s Friday, and I have some stuff to work on but…can we just take a second, internet, to talk about the world…my world…exploding?

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend at work who plans on traveling abroad to England next year. She asked for suggestions of places to go and my first thought was “If you go to Liverpool, you HAVE to go to the Jac. It was a pub owned by the manager of the Beatles. We went there a lot when I was living there. It’s fab.”

Google google google.

It’s CLOSED now.

I was in England, at the Jac (short for Jacaranda), just over one calendar year ago…and now it’s closed?!

BUT WAIT. It gets even better.

When I was in Uni I had two truly great mentors (see previous post). One was through study abroad (where I worked) and one was through the honors program (where I was president/student/advisory council member/conference representative, etc. etc. ad nauseum).

And one is leaving AU now?!

*Rage Quit*

In the span of 48 hours my entire life, all of my good memories, seem to be deteriorating. I feel old. How is the world changing this much? Is this what older generations feel like? I feel sad inside that future study abroad kids will never get to dance in the tiny, quiet, cramped Jacaranda Club or have Nancy as a mentor at AU.

Times certainly are changing. I felt it when I lived in Europe. I felt it when I switched jobs and moved and started paying bills. But now…right now…I really feel it.