I have secrets. My love of Oprah is not one of them. (Only slightly higher is my love of Martha Stewart).

If you ever read O, Oprah’s magazine, then you’ll notice her column “Things I Know For Sure.” It’s usually just a short few paragraphs of Oprah telling some anecdote about life with a vague “I know this for sure” liner at the end. Here are her “Top 20.”

I don’t have enough experience to draw off of to make generalizations like Oprah. I don’t know if being a mother is the hardest job. And sure, when I don’t know what to do sometimes I’m still and the answers come. But it’s mostly hit or miss at this point.
Here are 5 things that, right at this very moment, I know for sure though:
  1. Eating McDonalds….twice….this week was simultaneously the best and worst decisions of the week. In the 6 months that I’ve lived with McDonalds within walking distance I went exactly ZERO times. And then twice this week. What is wrong with me?
  2. Cold water is more satisfying than room temperature water after a long run.
  3. Going to bed 30 minutes early really makes you feel that tinnyyyy little bit more well rested the next day.
  4. It’s better to take a 5 minute break and do something completely random like read a news article, than to stare at your computer screen for 5 minutes wishing you were dead doing something else. You’ll just get sleepy.
  5. When you spend all day listening to music or other people talk…you appreciate silence that much more.

Bonus: 6. Live boldly. Afraid to paint your nails yellow because you always do neutrals? Scared your rainbow polka-dotted dress might be a littleeeeee bit too loud for work? All those fashion “do’s” that work on everyone else but always seem like “dont’s” for you…give ’em a try. There’s absolutely 0 reasons why you can’t rock whatever style you want as long as you feel confident and fabulous.