The other day ago I told my boyfriend that I felt time passing differently the older I got (and by differently I mean faster.)

Looking back on things from a year ago seems like it was five years ago, not one. Arguably more has happened in the last two years or so of my life than it has in the years previous but it’s still a bit of a conundrum to me.

Is time passing faster as the product of a busy life? Is it (hopefully) because the last few years of my life have actually felt fulfilling?

As a fun look back, here’s pictures from four years of Aprils (I didn’t have an iPhone before April 2012 so I couldn’t do March!)

April 2012

I worked as an event planner. I drove almost 3 hours to and from work a day. I worked 10+ hour days. I met one of my good friends here. I traveled a few times for work and for pleasure. I lived at home.


April 2013

I lived in my first place by myself. I started my business. I started working at a job that was 15 minutes away with people who would encourage me to follow my dreams. I used my camera more than ever, photographing anything and everything.


April 2014

I still lived in the same place and worked at the same place but by this time I had met my boyfriend and spent much of my free time in the city with him. This would be the year of vacations.


April 2015

I moved to Cleveland. I changed jobs to an ultimately more difficult but more fulfilling position doing closer to what I love: design. It was hard being further away from my family and basically friendless though. My boyfriend and I got to spend more time together and he eventually moved in when his lease was up in August.


April 2016

April is another month away but since April ’15 to today, March ’16, I’ve moved again…downtown with my #1. I’m still working at the same place I was last year and it’s still a job I adore. I started ramping up side-business work to keep busy. And I’m more excited than ever for what’s to come next.