“The sun’ll come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on til tomorrow.”

We got Chinese food for lunch today at work (boom, instant tie to travel blog…not).

My fortune cookie read: “Tomorrow will be an important day for you.” I gave it the dismissive “pshaw” because lets’ be honest…it’s always tomorrow. Never today.

Today, however, I started reading Mark Kelly’s memoir about his wife, congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and her struggle to recover from the Arizona shooting that almost took her life.

The title of chapter 4? “Tomorrow.”

Giffords once stared in a school play of Annie and shared a bond with her mother Gloria via the song “Tomorrow.” From the book, it says her therapist said “I bet I know why that song is a favourite of yours. Maybe you identify with the hard life in the song […]” at which point Giffords said “No, no!” and her mother said “Gabby and I have always thought the message in that song is one of hope and perseverance, that’s why we love it and find it so meaningful.” After which Giffords just nodded and said “Hope.”

So perhaps tomorrow isn’t as bad as I think it is. Sure it’s annoying. Bloody tomorrow. Everything will come! Tomorrow.

But how can you read this story of this amazing recovery and the most amazing couple and not be moved by it? Giffords hangs on for tomorrow. Dare I, as well?

Congresswoman Giffords hugging President Obama before the State of the Union speech.