(I really wanted to use a stock image of a person sighing but I couldn’t find a good one)

I searched for “uninspired” through my blog posts just to see if I’d used this title before, and I had. Ironically, a few weeks before we were set to leave for Florida (we’re still 39 days away this time). I wrote down three random things then so I figured I’d write down three random things now. If only to just kick my butt into working mode because #GirlBoss needs to get work done.

  1. Using a paper planner, my google calendar, a journal, Wunderlist, Trello, and various google sheets to track things has been working out pretty okay so far. It still chaps my khakis that I have information so spread out though and I’m still working to perfect this system.
  2. Mother Nature finally got the message it was winter and was like “crap, I’m behind on dumping snow on Ohio…HERE OHIO HAVE SOME SNOW!!”IMG_0351.JPG
  3. I just finished up two client projects that I’m pretty chuffed with. I love doing freelance work in my spare time just for something to do. Is that sad? (Shout out to all the people out there who hate to be bored so you create your own work). I don’t have a project lined up currently so I want to think of a good photography project to do this weekend. Ideas?