I’ve been feeling very uninspired to write lately so I’m forcing myself to write today.

There’s actually not much new going on to even write about (how boring of me) but here are three things:

1) Only 12 days until V and I head to Miami Beach…which means for the next 12 days (not including today, obvs) I’ll be eating fairly healthy to A) keep my weight in check for the endless days of bikini wearing on the beach and because B) I know we’ll be eating most meals out.

2) Over the course of the last month or so I’d been slowly chipping away at an online Python course but really picked up the pace this week and dedicated real time to learning it. Why? Just because I have an inkling of an interest in it. (I had a mild interest in graphic and web design way back in the day and look where it’s gotten me now).

3) Because the weather all week was in the mid/high 70s (which is my ideal summer temperature, including a nice cool breeze) I sat out on my patio every single day after work and read for a solid two hours. No guilt attached. And to boot, I bought guac and hint of lime chips to enjoy. Yessss.