I’ve never really been one for roller coasters. Ever.

One time I got on Space Mountain at Disney and closed my eyes the entire time.

I don’t like that feeling in your stomach when you drop down from highs (a similar feeling is when you drive over hills really fast…at least in the country).

But despite my disdain for them, I begrudgingly agree that life is like a roller coaster of ups and downs (and in my case terrifying funny feelings in your stomach).

For some reason I feel myself going into a down when I really have no place to be but up. I had a good weekend and have a fabulous trip to Miami Beach just 3.5 days away (on which I’m not taking my laptop so it’s just me, V, and books!)

Yet here I am. I feel bad about my body. Off the path from where I wanted to go. Just…

: (