The time when your neck vein is throbbing and your right eye has a slight twitch is probably not the best time to write.

Oh well.

You know, internet, that I lack tact and convention on here.

Throughout the past 10 months that I lived in my flat I’ve enjoyed it aboutttttt 40%. The other 60% has been consumed by sheer, blinding, rage at the dude that lives below me. I won’t reiterate for the 900th time how I find it impossible that he has no job yet manages to afford the ridiculously high rent….nor will I disclose his license plate number (but I will tell you, he has the special DUI license plates)…or evennnnn report that his live in girlfriend has no hanging sticker thing for her car but still permanently takes up a space in front of our building. Yeah, I’m petty like that and think of those things.

But I will say…as I always have the tendency to…this guys music is over the top loud. To the point where sometimes it rattles the teacups on my stove. Most of the time I either try to guess what song it is (mostly country junk I don’t know) or think of passive aggressive things I could do. Occasionally….I cry because I’m so frustrated. And occasionally I call the cops. Yup, you read that right internet. I would have never pegged me as a “calls the cop” type either but…as it happens…everyone has their breaking point and mine is music over 125 decibels.

In short, this guy is bad news bears.

I’d rather live above the Sharks (or the Jets…I have no reference) while they rehearse their musical street dance numbers!

I mean, I’m not perfect, internet, but at least I would never think of even running my laundry machine before 9am or after 8pm in case the agitator can be heard down below. I always park my car in the garage to free up spaces out front. And I tiptoe…yes tiptoe…from my bedroom to the kitchen if I wake up in the middle of the night and want a glass of water. Maybe it’s because I’m used to living at home or with roommates…but wow. Have some consideration for and awareness of the people around you!

Obviously it’s late (1am!) and I’m tired.

Ear plugs in.

Time for sleeps.

And if you have or have ever had annoying neighbors…here’s looking at you, kid. Word on the street is this guy is moving out by November 30 so only a little longer more to endure his antics!