A bit inappropriate as it’s after Christmas, you might think.

Me too.

Which is why I was kind of peeved that day after Christmas when I went to my favourite grocery store down the road to find that they were still playing Christmas tunes. I’m no Grinch so I just sang along with them as I shopped (read: bought 9 jillion dollars of groceries).

And then Jingle Bells came on.

I need to stop here to caveat that I’m an adult…or a semblance of an adult. I live alone, pay my own bills, run a side business, work a fulfilling job…I do my own grocery shopping, take out my own trash, and do mundance “adult” things like go to the post office and bank. I’m an adult, dang it!

But when the chorus of Jingle Bells hit, I kid you not internet, I sang the version I grew up singing. The best variation.

“Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, the Batmobile lost a wheel, and joker did ballet. HEY!”


Afterwards I did the awkward look-around to see if anyone noticed so I could corrct them and tell them that no, really, I’m an adult!

Perhaps I’m not though.

Perhaps I don’t want to be.

Perhaps it can be tied to some annoying “millenials” theory.

But, as it stands, that is undoutedly the best variation of Jingle Bells.

I hope you grew up singing it that way too. If you did, please tell me you still do it. And if you didn’t, congratulations, you’re an adult.


Happy whatever day of the week it is! Xx

(I’m losing track of the days being on vacation!)