Doing some research into the climate of Liverpool, the nearest large city to Ormskirk. I’m also listening to Rick Steves’ podcasts of England. Currently, it’s  “Walking Across England.”

Steves talks about how he loves the feeling of the countryside. Seriously walking through the countryside. There are thousands of footpaths, established or from medieval times, that people can walk. (His guest just said that an acorn on the sign designates a longer path. Cool!)

So while I type this and try to listen to the podcast on walking, I’m researching the climate to be prepared for my own walking adventures.

I’ll be there September thru December so below are the stats for each month (not that anyone except me cares). I once heard a joke that the UK shuts down if they get more than an inch of snow. Looking at the average stats, it snows an average of 1, yes just 1, day in November. And a whopping 2 in December. So perhaps an inch of snow is a lot in the UK. Equally as startling is that sunshine isn’t measured in days like it is here, but in hours. An average of 129 hours of sunshine in September. And a measly 31 hours of sunshine in December.

My current question/dilemma then is….I should take rain boots, not snow boots and a rain jacket, not a peacoat, right? (I’ll probably take my trench coat and my pea coat just to be safe). It’s going to be so crazy to be in a totally different climate. Also going to be crazy to miss the holiday’s here (see next post for my missed holiday sadness).

  • September:
    •     High – 61.9
    •     Low- 50
    •     Average- 57
    •     Avg Days of precip- 24
  • October:
    •     High – 54.9
    •     Low- 45
    •     Average- 52
    •     Average Days of Precip- 24
  • November:
    •     High – 48.9
    •     Low- 39.9
    •     Average- 45
    •     Average Days of Precip-23
  • December:
    •     High – 45.9
    •     Average- 43
    •     Low- 37.9
    •     Average Days of Precip-25