We’re only two days into this week so one would think “you can’t declare defeat yet!” but I do. I soooo do.

Mr. Noisy Downstairs was particularly noisy last night. To the point where I had to chuck two phone books and a my hammer off the balcony of my loft for the music to even be turned down a smidge.

I didn’t get the day off work which is whatever, I understand…but the migraine I had all weekend? Flared up today to the point that the lights were like daggers in my skull.


Watched the creepiest episode of Dr. Who over lunch so I’ll be sure to have nightmares tonight.

And then I saw a bug. A small nat. And then I noticed this black spot on the wall that was by the outlet had moved up a foot. So it too was a small bug. Great. Infestation of insects. *wands over to patio door where they must be coming in at* Two HUGE flying beetles that looked a lot like horse flies are in the door track. I think one was dead and one was still kind of moving so I sprayed the heck out of them with bug spray and ran away to the loft.

Where I sit now.

Most days, I love my life. I feel good about the decisions I make. I enjoy my job. Everything is good.

And then there are days like yesterday and today that make me question whether or not I shouldn’t just live in an house made of steel that’s been welded together. Bugs, especially the flying kind, creep me out like no other. I can deal with Mr. Noisy Downstairs. I can deal with my garage door that mysteriously goes up when it wants to. But I cannot tolerate bugs in my house. (Spare the “but I’m sure they everywhere in your house, you just don’t seem them” lecture, okay?)

As I sit here breathing in the fumes of the strongest bug spray on the market, I throw up my white flag. I declare week 8 of 2013 winner.

Congratulation on beating me down, life. I’ll try again next week.