I ended up rolling downtown both during the home opener AND rush hour of people leaving work for the weekend. I couldn’t find any good parking spots on ninth so I went down to the somewhat secret gem of a street to park and hiked uphill with all my bags. (See Key Tower in the background?)


The view from the twelfth floor. It was so stormy and moody out on Friday. But thankfully, not much rain!


V and I took a walk to Colossal Cupcakes (on Euclid) for a little after dinner treat (we had dinner at Superior Pho). They had a lot of great looking choices but I had to get this vanilla one because it had an Indians decoration on top!


And then because it was so cold and rainy out we stopped by Erie Island Coffee on fourth for a warm drink. They had this random cup with Pokey (Gumbey was on the till) and a baby chick toy. They made me extremely happy!


Saturday in a continuation of our “let’s do brunch at a different place every weekend” we ended up at Grumpy’s cafe in Tremont. We actually stopped here once on a Sunday but it was PACKED. It was also St. Patrick’s day weekend so that might have contributed to not being able to get a table. But in any case, their lot (+10 to any place that has a lot for patrons!) had a few open spots and we were seated right away. All their coffee mugs were mis-matched (as things tend to be in the heart of Hipsterland) and mine said “Well Adjusted” which I thought was hilarious.


Ironically enough, the girl who waited on us had this FABULOUS to the MAX cardigan on with neon bicycles. Like…seriously so cute I actually pointed it out to V how much I liked it. Once we got home we had to turn around and run some errands which included a stop at Target. And what would I find? THAT CARDIGAN. Oh my gosh, internet. So chuffed. I ended up buying one with neon blue dots instead because it would serve me better in the long run.


I also picked up this adorable basket with tulips on it to house my surplus of plastic Easter eggs. (Yes, I have a surplus of plastic Easter eggs…) So very spring-y!


Random coffee mug. English breakfast tea. And working all afternoon.


V and I went up to the penthouse floor balcony to watch the sun set. This picture does it no justice. It was the most brilliant sunset I’ve seen in my entire life. Neon orange and purple sky…. *sigh*