After watching the sunset V and I went to Taza on sixth where I got so much food I thought I was going to die. It always starts with the warm puffy bread…


Because I felt so sick (read: full) after dinner we decided to go for a long walk around the city. Of course we had to stop at my favourite place on Earth first…


And then found this random monument by the convention center…


We walked along this dimly lit but amazing little path that goes up and over the convention center.


What a great view. You can see Key Tower, Terminal Tower, Huntington Tower, and 5/3 Tower all in one go.


Sunday afternoon I decided to get out and enjoy the sun by taking a walk to Terminal Tower.


They have a little news agent there (read: it sells 3 newspapers and some magazines) and I stopped by Bath and Body Works to get some candles.


Of courseeee I had to stop by the Fountain of Eternal Life againnnnn to sit and read for a little bit.


Seriously, internet. You have no idea how much I love this fountain.


After kind of lazing all day (read: watching House of Cards) I took a bath while everyone went to Starbucks to work and then played the piano.


We got Chinese really late and that was the end of a most fabulous weekend.