It’s the joyus weekend again! Before all the crazy of the holidays starts next week with Thanksgiving, I’m taking the weekend to rest, relax, and enjoy before I’m on the road…a lot…for the holidays.

Here’s my current lineup of books. 2 fiction, 2 non-fiction, and a DVD set (BBC, of course) plus my little plush Nessie I bought in Scotland…because why not? I mean…it’s wearing a red tartan pom pom cap!! (It’s the little things that get me excited, internet.)

Happy reading! xx

Kassey Sikora

Trains and Lovers // Alexander McCall Smith

A Slight Trick of the Mind // Mitch Cullin

Social // Matthew D. Lieberman

Overbooked // Elizabeth Becker

Royal Upstairs Downstairs // Rosemary Shrager