Like most weekends it was a busy one. I have an inkling they’re going to be pretty full from here on out with the holidays quickly approaching.

Friday night it was cold as eff so we stayed in. V started stewing some pork bits in the afternoon and made a massive pot of cabbage soup which (much) later was followed by Monopoly. I’m the sorest of sore losers (sorry, boys) so…that ended badly. Throw in some drinks and I got pretty steamy towards the end. IMG_6213

Which is why I went to get Panini’s across the street. Walking there (alone) some drunk and his friend literally fell into me.


Because it was V’s birthday this weekend I woke up at 5am and baked a pie to sneak to the restaurant later.


I had some surprises lined up for V starting with a deep tissue massage


Followed by the Tower City observation deck and Brooks Brothers.


Later we had dinner at Crop on W25th where one of my co-workers waited on the weekends.


The next day we visited V’s parents where I got his dad’s recipe for pie crust from an old dutch cookbook. Lard included.