This past weekend was officially the last full weekend for a while that I’m alone-sies. What did I do? Sleep most of it.

Although my usual gym time is 5:30am, I had a bit of a lie in on Friday and went instead after work. Longer than normal. Faster than normal. Hard. Core.    !!!

And thennnnnnnn I got home and did my insane weekly roundup of house chores. Five hours of them. (House chores usually only take about 3 but I decided to flip and rotate my mattress and do a few extra loads of laundry and re-organize some things).

Flash forward to midnight and for some reason my body feels like it was run over a few times by the struggle bus.

Internet, my body hurt so terribly I actually had to take ibuprofen. (Me! Taking medicine!) And put my heated blankie on High because I was so cold.


Probably not.

But I’ve regrettably spent most of the weekend sleeping. Getting up to make some food, my weekly Skype call, and reading. And then more sleeping. Oh, and drinking warm drinks. (Christmas marshmallows from my childhood!)

Kassey Sikora

I did make some time to get someeee work done (bills and photography…you know that jazz) and now I’m sat on my couch for my weekly viewing of Love Actually (yes, weekly viewing), editing photos, and enjoy the lovely smell of this candle from Bath and Body Works. It’s Mahogany Teakwood, described as: The scents of fine woods – mahogany, cedar, and oak highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes.” Also described as the smell of Abercrombie+Fitch…whatever that smells like? It’s kind of manly cologne-y…which I’m okay with. (I mean…at least I can pretend there’s a man in the house, right?)

It’s placed on my side table in front of my Sherlock bookart that a good friend so graciously made for me (Thanks SB!) and lights it up nicely.

Kassey Sikora

Here’s to the end of a decent weekend. And hopefully the start of a great, warm, fast, week.