There are only 5 weekends left in 2013, not including this now complete one.

Five. Cinco. Cinque. Fünf. Quinque.

AH! Internet…I’m going to be so happy to see 2013 leaveeee. A year full of BIG changes…moves…works. Failures. Triumphs.

And with only five weekends left in the year I’m silently celebrating and freaking out. I have a list 10 miles long of “get this done before the year ends!!!!!!!!” items.

This now past weekend was one of the last I’d have to myself to actually work on said list before the whirlwind of holidays (and holiday shopping) begins. What did I do?

Shopped literally all day Saturday (so much for running two errands and going home…) Died inside because a new Sherlock trailer came out. Slept until midnight when I got home because my head hurt. Died inside because the John H Watson blog was updated (the official one presented by BBC One).

Then…..because I had missed it while I was out….. This.


Oooooooooo baby. I love me some Doctor Who. Not as much as my friend SB who got me into the show, but it’s up there just under Sherlock. (Steven Moffat who writes Sherlock also writes for DW so it’s only natural that it’s excellent!)

After The Day of the Doctor I watched the latest episode of Elementary (or was it before? I can’t remember) and then around 4am I decided it was time to decorate for the holidays because I couldn’t deal with my Doctor Who feels. Strung up the lights and all! Somewhere in there I sat in my office and balanced my checkbook (erm…spreadsheet) and paid bills (#AdultProblems). At 6 I put on The Escape Artist. It’s a 3-part BBC One mini-series with David Tennant (the tenth doctor).

Much like when I marathoned Broadchurch (another David Tennant mini-series, 8 hours) I watched The Escape Artist all in one go. That took me to 9am.

YouTube videos in bed.

Full English breakfast.

And then, curse you, BBC America!, An all day Doctor Who marathon.


The queen of “don’t watch TV unless you’re also doing something” and “I hardly watch TV anyway” spent ALL day on the couch watching DW re-runs. With adverts! Which is ridiculous because I have the entire series.

Granted, I have made some tea and done a few other things but Who has been running all day.

There went my sole, alone, weekend. Wasted. But time well wasted wasn’t wasted at all, eh?

I mean, I had everything on my coffee table all ready to work…I just never got around to it….Instead I just cried. A lottttttt.

Kassey Sikora

Happy week of Thanksgiving! xx