As far as weekends go, even during the most uneventful days, they feel full. They go fast. They can’t come around again quick enough.

This past weekend since I’ve under the weather (read: so ill I had to take two off from work because I felt like the life was being sucked out of me) V and I kept it kind of low-key. After sleeping in and brunch we took a walk around the Medina Antique Mall. You can literally spend hours there (I did the last time I shot there). Best part? It’s just down the road from my flat! And it’s crammed full of interesting things. Like this jewelry tree…


After working for most of the afternoon and evening on Saturday, and despite the junk weather, we headed up to Cleveland and straight to dinner at The Black Pig. Plus ten points for just being an awesome place. Great environment. Excellent food (I got the mushrooms and onions side). Not to mention stellar drinks. Amongst the ones I ingested was the Columbus Hustla’ (barrel aged watershed gin, lillet blanc, antica, and cranberry). It was served not on the rocks but on a rock. A massive, iceberg sized ice chunk.


This neon sign was on the wall and I thought it was pretty cool how the lights were reflecting off the black wall it was mounted on. Made all the more interesting after a couple of drinks.


Sunday came and went but in the evening before heading back home we stopped at Barnes & Noble until it closed (of course I bought a bunch of books) and then ate at Pad Thai (until it closed as well…we’re closing time kind of people I guess). The steamed veg and rice I had was pretty decent but the best part was the fortunes. Mine said “it is up to you to create your own adventures today!” but V had the better one…


What a solid, filled but not too full, weekend. I can’t wait to see what adventures this weekend has in store for us.

All the best this week,