Haven’t posted in almost a month. Whoops!

Not for lack of thoughts. (I almost said “ideas” but you can’t really qualify this blog as some kind of idea factory.)

I’ve been on the road quite a bit on the weekends and recently took a mini-holiday to visit my best friend from England (in Michigan…not England…womp womp).

Here’s the ironic thing I realized:

LAST weekend was drive to Michigan, holiday, and back in less than 72 hours. The truest definition of mini-holiday. It was amazing to see my BFF again and to just travel and visit museums and…..CULTURE! AH! Also, I haven’t gotten to use my camera in a while in lieu of design work I’ve been focusing on so I got to bust out my lil’ buddy and go wild.

THIS weekend I’ve spent most of it sleeping, reading, cooking,watching Martha Stewart holiday DVDs, and catching up on YouTube videos.

Despite being the most opposite kinds of weekends one can have, I’ve enjoyed each equally as much.

Funny how that works, eh? Busy as ever or so relaxed all you do is sleep…

In the coming months until the new year I will be mostly gone though (off the internet, that is). With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching plus a tonne of end-of-year things to do all the time I don’t spend out or gone somewhere on the weekends will be dedicated to getting life in order for the new year. (Also…with Sherlock gearing up to return to the telly in the US in January and the BFI screening next month…I need to avoid le internet to avoid le spoilers!)

The greatest pressure, where to live next year, has thankfully been removed though as I’ve decided to absorb the rent increase and just stay put !

Happy weekending, xx