Yesterday morning I was feeling rather uninspired to w rite (or do much at all). Then I went for a walk in the afternoon to read at Starbucks and pick up my new favorite drink… (iced caramel coffee with cream).


And while I was there they were playing classic rat pack. When Dean Martin’s Everybody Loves Somebody came on it made me instantly happy and really lifted my mood.

For the bulk of the evening I proceed to work on some website stuff I’d been putting off and in general tried to get my head in the game for the week ahead (while simultaneously trying to relax and enjoy Sunday night). I know halfway through the week I’ll lose momentum so in order to combat this I’ve been trying to think of a way to stay engaged with my (personal) projects this week. Which got me to thinking about the daily blogging challenge I did in April. I loved it because it got me thinking about content in advance and taking pictures when I had nothing left to say.

So this week I’m declaring my own weekly challenge that involves three things I love: food, photography, and blogging.

I’ll write more, get to photograph things, and hopefully eat more healthy because I’m preparing all the meals from scratch.

Tuesday Afternoon Edit: Always with the best intentions I wrote this Monday but then I had Chinese for lunch (so I skipped dinner) and then had a business lunch today so I’ll end up skipping dinner again. My prepared meals won’t actually start until Wednesday lunch now! #WeeklyChallengeFail