I feel bad (#Sorry #NotSorry) for going on a rampage here but them I’m like…”This is my website, I can talk about whatever I want!” So here we go.

(If you want to read another extra long extra angry rant you can read about why I quit flying US Air…although thankfully they merged and no long exist. HA!)

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect riding boot for years. Literally, years. And while I like the few pairs I own, I have in mind this ideal boot and I. Want. It. The holidays came and went with no glass slipper fitting perfectly so I ordered a pair of boots off of Dillards.com. They were delayed in shipping (not their fault, but I’m wagging my finger at you, FedEx) but when they finally arrived, as nice as they were, they didn’t fit.

So I had to return them.

I don’t like to return purchases via mail because it takes too long and the item might get lost on it’s way back to the warehouse so I usually take them to the store.

Which is what I did (of course).

But here’s the kicker.

You don’t get the original shipping refunded to you. 

That’s right. I paid an outrageous amount of money for some shoes. $12 in shipping. Returned them. Got the item cost and tax back. And then lost money on doing business with Dillards in a transaction that should have normally been a wash.

Almost EVERY online retailer has “free returns” or refunds shipping (both ways if you mail the item back). Especially the high end ones (good job, Nordstrom).

With an ever increasing amount of people who make online purchases to NOT have free returns is just ludicrous.

I almost leapt over the counter and strangled the snarky store associate who, when asked if I get shipping refunded, went “no, they’ve already been shipped, haven’t they?” OF COURSE YOU ASSHAT.

Judas Priest. I will never set foot in this store again. Because…psst, Dillards…none of the stuff you sell is original. I can get those boots and a wealth of others online or at Saks or Nordstrom. Your dishonesty and plot to make money has ended our relationship.

The. End.