Your mind. It’s so placid. Straightforward. Barely used. Mine’s like an engine, racing out of control. A rocket, tearing itself to pieces trapped on the launch pad.

My mind isn’t quite like Sherlock’s but I feel like it’s tearing itself to pieces constantly. The ridiculous overthinker. That’s me. My mind is constantly analyzing things. Situations. People. The world. I can never accept things at face value, I need detailed reasoning and explanations. I love math and science and computers because, for the most part, they’re definite. Answers are agreed upon.

Why did I go into marketing then? Because it involves analyzing people’s motives (I guess I could’ve done psych…but it’s less creative to me). Something I’m already doing with myself and that’s constantly changing so I’ll hopefully always have a job (practical me thought of job security, obvs).

But what do I do in my free time? Paint. Play piano. Dabble in photography. All decidedly opposite things from the analytical. They balance my mind and bring it peace.

Let’s get real though. I think I’m thisssssss close (I’m holding my fingers 3mm apart, FYI) to crossing the line over to obsessive compulsive sociopath. There is no way people think about life this much. Do they? Do they lay awake at night thinking of the best route to get to the grocery store at a particular time of day? The real reason I dislike the color red? And then do they re-analyze it to make sure they’ve come to the right conclusion? If so, we need to form a support group for the over-analytical.

Oh wait. I’m trying to play God again. Trying to make sense of things that only He understands. And this is why I’m a fail.

Happy Sunday!

(P.S. honestly…can Mr. Noisy Downstairs do NOTHING without loud bass ridden music playing? Does he feel so alone and disturbed by silence that he feels the need to fill every second of it with agonizingly loud music? I can hear it when I wake up at 8am and well after I go to bed at 3am. I’m still trying to practice the whole “be slow to anger” and “love thy neighbor” bits…but seriously…I can say without a doubt, even though I don’t really know this guy, I absolutely cannot stand him and cannot wait until he moves. Hopefully soon.)