At work it’s often known that your success or failure can be and often is tied to others. If they don’t do their job, I can’t do mine (or the other way around).

I never applied that to my life though. I’ve always thought of myself as an independent unit. I pay my own bills. I live by myself. I work at a job I found all on my own. I’m pretty self-contained. But I do have a family and friends and a boyfriend. And their success or failure is my own as well. Their struggles become mine, too.

I can’t have MY best year ever if they don’t have theirs, too.

Not that I wasn’t invested in the betterment of their lives before, but now it’s time to push. There’s a difference between support (“I understand that you have to _______ so I’ll ______”) and encouragement (“You should __________ because __________.”) And up until this point I’ve mostly been in a supporting role. I’ve been on the sidelines cheering the team but not being a teammate.

Until now. It’s go time. It’s time for YOU to meet your goals because selfishly, I won’t be able to meet mine and actually enjoy success until you do too.