It's Me. Hi.

Just thinking out loud.

I'm an oversharer who can't stop talking.

I am a Cleveland dwelling UX design manager.

I’m an adjunct professor, advocate for Women in IT and non-profit board member. I am also a world-traveler, lover of news, technology, and brunch. I hate summer. I’m anxious. I’m a champion overthinker. Fast food and reading magazines are my secret guilty pleasures. I love putting extra letters on words for emphasissss and I write like I talk.

Is this thing on?

It’s also okay if it’s not. I don’t think people read blogs much anymore in favor of visual and video short-form content. I’ve realized my dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation are long past me (I don’t really editing, either) but my narcissistic love of thinking out loud is still here after all these years of trying and failing at blogging. So here we are in 2023. I’m going to make fetch happen!


Master’s Reflective Journaling – Week 7

It's the final week of our first class in the program! I'm happy to have made it through to the end and to have experienced being "back in school." This week we did a layout for a persona (mine below). I don't often get to do truly visual work in my job...

Master’s Reflective Journaling – Week 6

My mind is kind of blown by the fact that it's almost the end of my first course in my Masters program. It's something I didn't think I'd ever get around to doing but was always an aspiration of mine 🙂 This week focused on type and it did not disappoint! I loved...

Master’s Reflective Journaling – Week 5

This week was the intro into visual design. Similar to some of the basics of psychology that influence design, it was nice to get a reminder of the principles of visual design. As someone with an engineer-y brain, I like that a lot of design can be boiled down to a...