About Me

I like lists.

  • Spent some time in England and traveling Europe.
  • Convinced it’s the most amazing place on Earth.
  • Love sheep and Tiffany and Co
  • Ashland Alumni (go eagles!)
  • Avid reader, scrapbooker, movie watcher, and photographer
  • The most effective ways I know to “let off steam” are to paint and to play piano.
  • I also scratch away at the violin sometimes.
  • Since I was four, my favourite colour has been green.
  • It recently changed to Tiffany Blue.
  • I’ve seen every romantic comedy ever made.
  • At least five times.
  • I’m obsessed with lists, organization, and post-it flags
  • Take how obsessed I am with lists…multiply it times 100…and that’s how obsessed I am with Twitter
  • I have a weakness for salty foods
  • I’m lactose intolerant but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying “extra cheddar” goldfish crackers
  • One time I won an Anderson Cooper Twitter contest and they sent me a t-shirt and a mug from his show. It made my day. week. Life.