Prospect connect is a consumer facing customizable portal that ties in to a property management system.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design  |  Project Management |  Pattern Libraries


I have been leading the design of Prospect Connect since the product was created. I oversee the consumer facing portals and back-end product in MRI’s software.



Steakholder Insights & Ideation

I continually partner with various steakholders inside and outside of the organization including PM/PO, Support and Client Services, Sales, and clients to keep an open conversation going of what features PC needs and how those will be integrated into the product.

Strategy & Vision

I create wireframes and working prototypes for both the consumer portals and the software application to show direction and get buy-in from stakeholders on major features.

Execution & Validation

I work closely with development to create front-end portals. At regular intervals we host a client working group to validate our designs.


I present works to project management, development and clients throughout the design lifecycle. I also work with client support to create training manuals and courses for clients.



Prospect Connect features both a consumer facing portal and back-end prospect management integrated into one of MRI’s core products. There were two initial challenges with this project: how to integrate the needed features into an existing product and how to create a prospect portal that was easy to use and drove leads for properties.


When Prospect Connect first started as a product it almost completely revolved around the consumer portal first. What information did clients need to collect? What, if any, interaction did they want to have with the prospect? Everything about the portal would needed to be brandable, from the front end to the automatic emails and text.

Knowing what the portal needs I tackle the backend designs to be able to handle that. Clients need an endless amount of control over their units, how they’re displayed, and more so we need to continually build a robust system that can handle many parameters but is still easy to manage.

We hold a monthly working group to review features and functionality with clients and to validate any designs in process.



Prospect Connect is an always-open leasing office. It can give information to prospective tenants, let them select a unit, choose amenities, and pay – all without having to pick up a phone or walk into a leasing office. It has proven to shorten unit turnover time and increase the number of leads.